Learn Italian cuisine

In Piedmont, a meal is a social event. You do not eat to live, you live to eat. Food and wine have always been important, and in recent years all more people have discovered the Piedmontese cuisine and its many specialities. The people in Piedmont have a long tradition of farming the land, harvesting the raw ingredients and preparing their food in harmony with nature. For this reason, it is quite natural that the Slow Food movement started in Piedmont, more precisely in the town of Bra, in the ‘80s. Slow Food is based on locally produced ingredients that are prepared in the traditional manner and enjoyed in peace and calm with family and friends. Learn to prepare Italian cuisine with us at Villa La Madonna! We offer splendid cookery experiences with our own cooks, an inspirational activity for both private enjoyment or smaller groups. We have a large, modern kitchen as well as a fantastic outdoor kitchen for activities quite out of the ordinary.